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Dream Family Room

4 March 2019

I would love to spark your imagination today. Let’s talk about the coziest room at home, the family room, and the way it functions for you! A home, being a place where we look for serenity, needs to have a relaxing place for the family to get together and unwind. Most of the time, family rooms are the places for such gatherings. We watch TV, read books, play games or just lounge on the sofa for a nap in this wonderful hub of the home.

I love the idea of refreshing your home with new decorating ideas, giving them a lift as the new year begins and breathing new life into a space. But you can’t always buy new furniture or create an entirely new layout for a room, especially when it’s small.  However, there are a number of different ways to refresh the feel of a space with a few key adjustments.

Have a look at your family room and think about what you may want to change or what may not be currently working for you in your space.

Are you happy with the lighting? Do your windows give you the ability to let natural light in and create more privacy when needed? Do you have enough artificial lighting? Adding pot lights, table lamps or a floor lamp can make a big difference in increasing light. Even hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the windows will invite more light in.

Do you find your living room to be too crowded? I find, many family rooms are over-furnished 🙂 But this is just me, being a minimalist… If you feel there is too much furniture in the room – move it out of your way!

Do you have enough seating places to comfortably accommodate everybody? Whenever you start furnishing a room, think function first. How many people would you want to seat here? Having an answer to this basic question will direct you towards the right furniture choices.

Do you find yourself bumping into coffee tables or chairs on your way in or out? You might want to consider the flow, the way that people move and interact with a room.

Being a high traffic space, family rooms can easily become disorganized. Some just do not have proper storage solutions, which can be fixed pretty easily. Consider storage ottomans, storage sofas or built-in storage solutions.
Often, after moving to a new home, people do not realize that their old furniture does not work in the new space. The sofa may be too large or too small for the space or the sectional may not be of the right orientation. Replacing it with new fitting furniture pieces might be the best option.

Colour scheme is extremely important! Colour theory is an important design tool because certain colours or colour combinations have positive or negative influences on one’s mood or emotional state. Think about the way you feel when you are in your family room? Do you feel too formal or cold? The right wall colour can be a quick and easy cure!

After taking all of these things into consideration, are you happy with your family room the way it is? Maybe you find that it is comfortable, functional and cozy, but does not have that finished look… Adding appropriate decor and accessories can help to make it look stunning!

Now imagine yourself in your family room that is functional, comfortable, bright AND beautiful! You can make that happen!

I hope my tips and tricks can help you to transform your home. Next time you hear from me, I would love to have you share your story about which suggestion worked for you!

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