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Dream Family Room

4 March 2019

I would love to spark your imagination today. Let’s dive into the world of family rooms! In an increasingly hectic world, our homes serve as havens of tranquility. Central to this haven is the family room, where loved ones gather to relax, connect, and unwind. It’s the heart of our home, the place where we come together to watch TV, immerse ourselves in books, engage in games, or simply sink into the sofa for a refreshing nap.

Take a moment to cast an eye over your family room and ponder potential improvements or adjustments that align with your vision for the space. I recommend considering these key aspects when evaluating your family room:


Are you satisfied with the lighting in your family room? Do your windows allow natural light to flow in while maintaining privacy? Is your artificial lighting adequate? Enhancing illumination can be as simple as adding pot lights, table lamps, or a floor lamp. Even placing a mirror on the wall opposite the windows can magnify the available light.


Ensuring ample seating for everyone’s comfort is pivotal. When furnishing a room, prioritize functionality. Ask yourself how many individuals you want to accommodate in this space. Having a clear answer to this basic question will steer you towards the right furniture choices.

Traffic Flow

Do you often find yourself navigating around coffee tables or chairs as you move through the room? Assess the room’s traffic flow and identify areas where rearrangements might be needed to enhance the ease of movement and interaction.


Being a high traffic space, family rooms can easily become disorganized. Some just lack adequate storage solutions, which can be fixed pretty easily. Consider storage ottomans, storage sofas or built-in storage solutions. Often, after moving to a new home, you might realize that your old furniture does not work in the new space. The sofa may be too large or too small or not the right style or orientation. In such cases, replacing it with well-fitting furniture pieces may be the optimal solution.


Choosing the right color scheme is paramount in interior design. Color theory principles play a pivotal role, as specific colors or combinations can elicit various emotional responses. Reflect on how your family room makes you feel. Does it seem too formal or lacking warmth? Sometimes, the solution lies in selecting a different wall color to better evoke the ambiance you desire.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your family room’s current state, consider scheduling a call with me to explore the possibilities!

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