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How It Works

The first step is to have a 15-minute phone call with me. During this call, we will discuss your decorating or design challenges, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of your needs. Additionally, I will take the opportunity to introduce you to our process, providing insights into what to expect. If we both agree to move forward, our next step will be an in-person meeting at your home. During this meeting, I would appreciate a mini tour of your space to share your vision, as well as any specific areas where you’re encountering difficulties.

I recommend scheduling this meeting at a time when all decision-makers can be present. This ensures a smoother design process, allowing significant decisions to be made collectively.

Your only homework before our appointment is to have a rough idea of your budget for design solutions at this time.

This Service Can Include

  • A walk through of your home to discuss your need and wants
  • Lots of questions are asked so that I can get to know your style and how you want the space to look and feel as well as function – don’t worry, if you are not sure what to do, I will guide you.
  • Ideas on how you can transform your space and where to start
  • Discussion about what to prioritize based on your budget
  • Discussion about our services, the process and the fees involved
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Initial in-home consultation is complimentary

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