Joys of the Biggest Holiday of the Year

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Joys of the Biggest Holiday of the Year

3 December 2020

New Years celebration was the biggest holiday of the year when I was a child. I remember standing on a stool in front of Father Frost, my parents and guests reading a poem by heart about leverets who hung like toys on a tree to deceive the wolf and save their lives. That was a famous long poem that showered me with gifts that night!
Although, this year’s Christmas will not be celebrated as usual, it is the perfect time to exercise self discipline and make the choice to keep a positive attitude. Let’s create positive experiences this season and enjoy every new day with everything it might bring us and be happy!
As an interior decorator, I am thrilled for altering the way people feel in and about their homes. It does not require a full gut renovation or a massive undertaking to change the mood in a space. So, here are a couple ideas on how to add some cheer to your day this time of the year.

#1 Put up your Christmas tree early! Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So, put up those Christmas decorations early to extend the excitement and relive the magic!

#2 Christmas lights are a magical way to lighten up dark winter evenings! Holiday decorations are a way of almost pushing the pause button in a very busy lifestyle. And who isn’t busy these days?

#3 Add cheer to your front door! Doors aren’t just for wreaths. Try a pair of vintage ice skates packed with fresh greenery from around your yard. Bonus: you can leave it up through February without the neighbors talking!

#4 Hang mistletoe on every doorway. Forget the fact that it looks pretty! We’ll take any excuse we can to cover our loved ones in kisses.

#5 Get new warm and fuzzy blankets to get cozy. Anything with soft texture will add to the feeling of comfort. Sitting at a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate wrapped in a fluffy blanket is a simple pleasure of the season.

#6 Create an attractive place to display your Christmas cards. Most likely we all will get plenty of those this year. Why not celebrate them?

#7 Have I mentioned holding a socially distant neighbourhood cookie exchange? Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with home decorating.  But would that not be fantastic to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have caring people around us!

I wish you to take time to slow down, unwind and self reflect. Beauty is scattered far and wide. If we cultivate a spirit of gratitude, we notice what we often overlook.
I am feeling grateful for having my family and friends, for the trust of my clients and being a part of a great community of Manotick.
I wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year! ♡

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4 thoughts on “Joys of the Biggest Holiday of the Year

  1. That was a beautiful reminder of what is important at Christmas and how to appreciate all that we have.
    I wish you and your family a memorable holiday season, and thank you for sharing your decorating ideas.
    Cheers Donna

  2. Thank you for your inspiring Christmas message. I love the ice skate and greenery idea for doors!

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