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How It Works

Did you purchase a new home and need more guidance than you are receiving from the builder or the design center? We can help ensure your finishes flow from room to room and that you are thrilled with your new home!

This service is very specialized as each builder has their own process. We recommend booking an In-Home Consultation at your current home. This will help us to ensure that what you are bringing with you will work in your new home. If you do not currently own a home, we will meet with you at our design studio. We will discuss the scope of work you would like our help with and quote you a flat rate service fee. In order to book an in-home consultation, you will need to book your 15-minute information call so that I can get to know you and to understand the project that I will be working on with you as well as discuss the fee involved.

This Service Can Include

  • A complete review of the plans for your new home and a discussion about how you would like your home to feel and function
  • Consultation on the kitchen and bathroom designs
  • A visit to the design center if one exists to choose all of your selections
  • Paint Colour Selections
  • Discussion about what upgrades to prioritize based on your budget
  • Discussion about our other services, the process and the service fees involved
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