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Moving to a Simpler Life Style

4 October 2020

Anne was excited to move to an active life community of like-minded individuals! She was so smart to start planning her downsizing a long time ago. When she contacted me, she was…

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Can You Design Happiness?

31 August 2020

Would it not be nice to design happiness? I mean spaces that would influence how people feel. For many designers, the link between living spaces and people well-being is intuitive. In fact,…

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The Final Touch

23 July 2020

I have always loved rugs. Childhood memories of wool hand tufted Persian rugs in the middle of our family room and of a green one on the wall behind the sofa still…

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Brighten Your Summer Days

3 June 2020

The summer is officially here and we all can enjoy a well deserved ice cream and fruit salad season. Breakfast coffee in the backyard while children are still in bed, long lunch…

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Creating Comfort at Home

1 April 2020

We all like to be able to come home and feel relaxed and comfortable. A home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you are able to relax and unwind away from…

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Big Impact

29 February 2020

My husband and I bought our first brand new home from a builder in 2015. Both of us were sure that this would be our dream home and we would never move…

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Market Trends

27 January 2020

Year 2020 has officially started and it is exciting to tap into numerous speculations about upcoming interior design trends. Interior design magazines interview their favourite interior designers to find the home ideas…

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Getting your Family Room Ready for Holidays

11 December 2019

It is already December and it is so nice to listen to classic Christmas music on the radio. The holiday season is here!Christmas tree is up, our home is decorated and the Elf on the…

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