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Interior decorating

Creating a Statement with an Accent Wall

28 August 2022

If you have plans to paint a room in your home accent walls are a great addition to consider. Accent walls offer the opportunity to create a statement piece or focal point…

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Bold Living Room Makeover

20 July 2022

It was summer of 2021 when we met with Frances and Bruce to discuss their living room makeover. The living room was a decent sized space open to the hallway on one…

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Achieving a functional kitchen

20 June 2022

When I meet with clients about a kitchen renovation, part of the time we spend together is discussing our process. When you hire a designer to help you fulfill your dream of…

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The Gift of Gathering

16 May 2022

To celebrate the gift of gathering a young family wanted to create a beautiful dining room that would easily fit a bigger company and be comfortable for more casual dining at the…

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Interior decorating

Relaxing Respite

8 April 2022

Home used to be the place where we came to relax and get a respite from the stress of the office, the commute or a day of running errands. Today, some are…

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Easy Kitchen Facelift

21 March 2022

When we took possession of this stacked condo unit, the kitchen looked sad and outdated. It had good bones, but lacked style.The cabinets were maple and in great shape and even the…

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Interior decorating

Lighting Your Home

17 February 2022

The first fabricated light was likely a torch. In 4500 BC, lamps came into use, whose fuel source later evolved to methane, ethylene, and kerosene. You might think of an Aladdin lamp…

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Renovating to Feel at Home

25 January 2022

No matter how much you might love a house you are about to buy, you will still find things you would want to change to make it feel like home, to feel…

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