The Secret To a Comfortable Family/Living Room

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The Secret To a Comfortable Family/Living Room

4 October 2019

Family room is such a personal space! This multifunctional area of our homes is where we gather together and relax, read, watch TV and entertain. Usually, this is where we have our guests, so it is essential that the decoration shines.
So, what is it that makes a family room comfortable and attractive?

Whatever uses your family room may have, your primary goal will be to design a usable and inviting space. And the first step in accomplishing this goal is to crate a comfortable “conversation area”. Very simply, you want to arrange your furniture in a way that allows you to carry on a relaxed conversation without having to raise your voice of stretch to grab your drink from a coffee or side table.

Establish a focal point in the room. The first thing that grabs your attention as you walk in to a room is a focal point. A wall unit, fireplace, or a sofa with bright cushions can serve as the dominant fixture in the room, which helps orient the whole arrangement and gives you a visual reference point.

Eliminate traffic that runs through the conversation area. In other words, the arrangement should be self-contained so that conversation will not be interrupted. Consider moving you sofa or chairs off the wall.

Create a clutter free storage solution. The best available solution known is a custom built-in storage. However, there are many more alternatives to a great storage such as storage ottomans and coffee tables, mobile storage units or just neatly organized open shelves.

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Marina Pavlova