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12 May 2021

Aside from the creative aspect, meeting new people is what I truly love about my job!
It is interesting to learn about their lifestyle, needs, wants and vision of their dream home. Translating those into functional spaces that would fit their lifestyle and reflect tastes of the home owners is an exciting and challenging task every time.

I met this lovely family after they had settled in in a newly built home and needed some help pulling it all together.

Moving into a new home is an exciting stage of life. It is first a temporary discomfort of trying to find things in unpacked boxes, then finding a place for everything and training the muscle memory and learning where everything is in the kitchen. From my own experience, it takes about two years to feel connected to the new home.

It was great that this family had passed the rough stage and was ready to add their personalities to the appeal of their nest.
As family rooms are high traffic spaces where we spend time socializing, watching movies or just gathering together, it made sense to start with it to make the biggest impact on daily living.

Open concept floor plan and two-story-high ceiling were the perfect canvas for creating a grand appearance. Fireplace was surrounded by two asymmetrical alcoves that offered themselves for an unusual built-in storage solution.

The style of the home was clearly contemporary and we wanted to marry it with a sophisticated colour palette of emerald green, purple and tones of blue. We wanted to keep the room feeling light, minimalistic and bright.

Moreover, we needed to keep the space child friendly. This influenced the choice of fabrics and materials as well as shape of the accent tables. A wool area rug was the way to go due to its’ stain resistant properties, longevity and ease of care. You may want to check out my previous blog post The Final Touch to learn about area rug basics.

A before photo will give you a sneak peek at what the family room looked like before the makeover.

I am very happy how sophisticated and personal this family room turned out to be!
It has been a pleasure working with the elegant style of this couple! Thank you for your trust throughout the process!

The clients shared a feedback about their full service experience:

“Marina and her team are THE best! After only 1 meeting with her we knew that she understood our needs, ideas and concepts and made us comfortable enough that we trusted her to take upon the task on our family room design project. After awhile we decided to seek for Marina’s help again to help with our main bedroom and again everything was done with exceptional attention to details and on time.
We will highly recommend Marina if you are looking for a top notch designer to make your room/house looking as a piece of art!”
~ Elena