Highland Park Makeover

Bold Living Room Makeover

It was time to renovate the room to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. This was a family who used this space frequently for heartfelt chats, reading, and cups of tea. They are definitely happy to have an upgraded, comfortable room to enjoy after this remodel.

We met with Frances and Bruce in the summer of 2021 to talk about remodeling their living room. It was a fair-sized room that opened to the dining room and the hallway on opposite sides. This well-loved area was arranged with one sofa, two loveseats, a side table, a piano, and a wall that houses a gas fireplace with very basic built-in cupboards on either side. A large portion of the wall leading to the dining room was occupied by the piano.

If you’d like to read more on the makeover process, refer to the Bold Living Room Makeover article!

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