Five Reasons Why Hiring a Decorator Is Worth It

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Five Reasons Why Hiring a Decorator Is Worth It

13 November 2020

Why do people hire decorators? You might be someone who knows what you like and given options you can clearly tell what feels like you and what does not. But, perhaps, when you start gathering all the ideas you have collected so far in your Pinterest boards you realize that that cohesive vision hasn’t quite developed. Or the decisions seem to be daunting. And how to make sure that all of it will look good with the rest of your home?

There are several reasons why even the most creative people hire decorators to help them make that project come to life.

Decorators know how to marry beauty and function

One of the most important parts of the design process is getting to know the client. During the initial meeting a decorator listens, observes and might ask questions about anticipated frequency of use and function of the space as well as the desired esthetics. Your decorator will suggest you a solution that is both practical and beautiful, so that you will not end up with pretty, but a very uncomfortable piece of furniture as an example.

You gain access to an insider network of tradespeople

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a designer is their knowledge of the finest craftsmen. They normally work with the same contractors/trades people and trust their quality of the craftsmanship. If you’ve thought about hiring a contractor to do your kitchen renovation, you may have found yourself immediately overwhelmed by figuring out whom to choose—and then trying to decipher who can actually get the job done, or who will even take your project.

Designers are  only limited by their imaginations!

Thanks to their access to custom cabinetry, fabrics, furniture pieces, case goods, wall coverings, light fixtures, and more they can find the perfect missing piece of the puzzle to complete the look of your space. Moreover, they can commission custom elements not readily available to the public.

Designers bring fresh eyes and unexpected ideas to every project

You might be surprised that your favourite grandmother’s side table can become a conversation piece of the living room and be that authentic element. The old sofa might not be worth reupholstering. Or, yes, it is possible to seat 14 people in this space comfortably for your monthly meetings. But, this chair is great for occasional seating on and not watching TV. And, have you thought of replacing that light fixture in the dining room with something brighter? Let’s add a mirror here to make the hallway look a bit more spacious. And many more ideas you would not think of.

And the last and the most important reason is that your design project will be done right! Once and for all!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are still not convinced, book a phone call with me!

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