Creating a Statement with an Accent Wall

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Creating a Statement with an Accent Wall

28 August 2022

If you have plans to paint a room in your home accent walls are a great addition to consider.

Accent walls offer the opportunity to create a statement piece or focal point in any room. It makes a conversation starter that your guests won’t forget. It is a design trend that can be used to bring different colours or patterns together to match your theme.

But what exactly is an accent wall, and how can you incorporate this design concept into your home? Let’s take a closer look at what defines an accent wall, different examples of wall accents and how to get your project in motion:

What is an accent wall?
The accent wall is defined as a wall with a different colour, texture or design from the rest of the room. Its purpose is to stick out and draw attention to the space, making it a unique focal point out of the four walls.

You can incorporate an accent wall into any room in your home, but it might make the biggest statement in a room that gets a lot of traction, such as the kitchen, living room or family room. The perfect conversation starter in a place to socialize, an accent wall in these areas can make your home the go-to gathering spot for family and friends.

Ten accent wall ideas
Interested in adding an accent wall to your living room? Need a new look in your master bedroom? Here are ten different style techniques to consider throughout your home:

1. A bold coloured wall

One of the most common routes to an accent wall, painting with a bold colour is a simple way to claim the attention in a certain area of the room. Maybe you want to highlight your fireplace and mantel, or you want to steal the focus away from the television. No matter the reason, painting an accent wall is a quick and effective way to add more character to your space.

Bold coloured wall

2. A wallpaper wall

While many people have shied away from wallpaper based on the horror story that’s related to its removal, today’s wallpaper is more efficient and functional. Wallpaper accent walls are very trendy at the moment, with many homeowners taking advantage of the opportunity to spruce up a small space like the guest bathroom or the home office. But a wallpaper wall can easily fill any space in your home as long as you’re willing to make the effort!

Wallpaper wall

3. A shiplap wall

If you love modern farmhouse design and need an accent wall to follow your theme, shiplap makes a great option. A white shiplap feature wall can make a gorgeous statement in a modern neutral kitchen as well.

Shiplap wall

4. A natural exposed brick wall

If you want to achieve a more industrial modern look in your living room, an exposed brick wall can add the perfect touch to the design.

Brick wall

5. A chalkboard wall

Are you the mother of a busy family? Do you want to incorporate a stylish yet fully functional accent into one of your gathering spaces? A chalkboard wall accent is fun and versatile in so many ways. Create your calendars, to-do lists and so much more, or leave it bare as a clean black slate.

Chalkboard wall

6. A gallery wall

Whether you want to showcase pictures of your family or you want to display your favorite works of photography, a full gallery accent wall can turn heads in your home. This is one of many design ideas that can be used to tell a story in your living space and fill the room with love.

Gallery wall

7. A bookshelf wall

If you’re looking for a fun accent wall idea for your home office or entryway, a bookshelf display across an entire wall is chic and sophisticated. This is a simple way to incorporate more wall decor or wall art into the scheme.

Bookshelf wall

8. A tile wall

A fun and unique option for an accent wall in the bathroom or kitchen is a tile wall. You can match this vertical accent with the tile backsplash in either of these spaces, or you can go in with a completely different style.

Tile wall

9. An entertainment center wall

Do you want to incorporate an accent wall into one of your high-traffic visiting spaces? Take up an entire wall with an entertainment center. You can build this directly into the wall to make the most of the space.

Entertainment unit wall

10. A mural wall

If you’re a fan of art and want to incorporate a large piece of work into your home, paint a mural wall. This is an impressive option that can bring your living space to life and make a memorable impression on your guests.

Mural wall

No matter the purpose of an accent wall, it is designed to give a living space an additional personal touch of style that amplifies throughout the room. Are you ready to give this design concept a try? Pick a type of accent wall that speaks to you the most and complements the style of your home and have fun with it!