Ways to Design a Stunning Powder Room

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Ways to Design a Stunning Powder Room

20 October 2022

The powder room is one of my favourite rooms to design in a home! I find that people want to have more fun and tend to make more daring choices in these small spaces.
Sometimes it even gives them confidence to be bolder in other larger more public areas of the home.

So, what are the design elements that can be used effectively to create a stunning powder room?
I will be very visual by showcasing beautifully designed powder rooms as one photo often tells more than a hundred words.


Whether bold and patterned, textured, or subtle and elegant wallpaper, it is the mood setter of the room. It will add interest to the small room, make it grand and create a unique statement personal to your home.


You can have a pretty pedestal sink or a unique vanity. There is no rule of thumb on what looks best and it is a decision you make based on your preference and need for storage. Narrow powder rooms look much larger with wall-to-wall vanities. Whereas a nice contemporary stand console or pedestal sink looks lighter and could help a small powder room look more spacious.


“Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” Mirrors in the powder room serve dual purposes, one of which is indeed self reflection. Use your powder room mirror as the WOW factor, something so pretty and unusual that you would admire it.



Vanity lights, sconces and pendants are popular choices for lighting a powder room. The key is provide sufficient lighting, so watch the brightness of the light fixtures you choose.
Treat your light fixtures as the jewelry of the space.

Powder room is likely a room that most of your guests will see. Try a new fancy finish like black, brass or brushed nickel that you might be afraid to commit to in a larger room.

If ever uncertain where to start, I am just a call away.