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Interior decorating

What is Good Quality Upholstered Furniture?

10 June 2019

Furnishing a new home and redecorating takes a designer eye, spatial skills, product knowledge and patience. We all want to have peace of mind that our money is being well…

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Interior decorating

Window Treatments 101!

8 May 2019

Good morning! I was standing in front of the window of our family room staring at the backyard thinking about the topic for my May newsletter. Looking up, my eyes…

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Spring is Here and You’re Invited! 🌸

4 April 2019

Good morning! Spring is finally here! As days get longer and we get more sunlight during the day, I start feeling happier and cheery :)! I hope you feel the…

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Interior decorating

Dream Family Room

4 March 2019

I would love to spark your imagination today. Let’s dive into the world of family rooms! In an increasingly hectic world, our homes serve as havens of tranquility. Central to…

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Interior decorating

I have some big news!

5 February 2019

I am thrilled to announce a significant shift in my career from the IT sector to my true passion: interior design. I’ve embarked on a new journey by joining CPI…

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