Renovating to Feel at Home

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Renovating to Feel at Home

25 January 2022

No matter how much you might love a house you are about to buy, you will still find things you would want to change to make it feel like home, to feel truly yours.
My recent clients hired me to help them personalize and update their current home. Due to the nature of their work they used to move often and have never had the luxury to truly personalize their home.
So, their current spacious and beautifully laid out home was the perfect contender for a major update to tell their story.

It was refreshing to discover that my clients loved bold colours and did not want neutrals or off whites. After discussing their wish list items and priorities, we ended up targeting the bathrooms as they revealed the age of the house the most. We also renovated the laundry room and updated the kitchen.

We started with the kitchen. Creating a comfortable breakfast nook with a storage bench allowed us to move the breakfast table out of the way and free up the pathway to the patio door.

Minor kitchen updates like a new backsplash, contemporary door handles and more current light fixtures helped us leap from traditional to a transitional style with a modern farmhouse vibe.

We wanted the main bathroom to feel fresh, updated and be the right fit for the adult children using it. Our colour palette for the entire house consisted of different shades and tones of blue and green. In the main bathroom a punch of blue-green felt like the right fit to create an exciting spa like experience for the family.

In the laundry room we were able to create a comfortable folding station, an organized storage solution for laundry supplies, space for hanging clothing and a mobile laundry sorting station under the counter. Beautiful Spanish tile used as backsplash added much needed character to complement bold cabinetry.

There was one more bathroom that needed attention and it was the guest bath. Bathtub has rarely been used and the clients opted to have a glass shower instead. Existing built-in shelves offered sufficient storage, so removing a vanity was a way of making this narrow space more spacious.

We have tackled a shower in the en-suite bathroom too and matched the finish of all bathroom fixtures for a more cohesive look.

I am so pleased with how this project turned out and grateful for the creative freedom my clients trusted me with! Renovation is always a journey where the designer is the captain to navigate through the storms and to solve problems quickly when they arise. If you are planning a renovation and having second thoughts about the amount of choices you will need to make and potential costly mistakes, hire a designer!

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  1. Marina – great to be reminded of how much better the house looks after a major facelift. Thx for all your patience and hard work over the Summer.

  2. Thank you! As far as I know the homeowners are still happy with their renovated home.

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