Creating Comfort at Home

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Creating Comfort at Home

1 April 2020

We all like to be able to come home and feel relaxed and comfortable. A home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you are able to relax and unwind away from the outside world. In reality, many homeowners are not satisfied with how their home looks or functions and often cannot pinpoint why.

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Traffic flow is the number one hindrance to a successful furniture arrangement. Poorly placed traffic paths and improperly dimensioned pieces generate irritation and create safety hazards. Improving circulation routes in your home will ensure creation of a calming and stress-reducing environment. Observe the regularly traveled traffic paths and look for ways to rearrange your furniture so that you do not hinder open door passages and create pools of uninterrupted space for conversation and gathering areas.

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Good storage is essential for a well-balanced and functional home. Mobile storage solutions can help keep things out of sight. Furnishings that offer storage such as storage ottomans, coffee tables with shelves, sectionals with storage compartments and sideboards. Built-in storage optimizes space and also enhances the look and style. A great way to maximize space is with full height or full length joinery where the design can also be tailored depending on the requirements of the space.


Think function when selecting furnishings for your home. Determining the right dimensions for your upholstered pieces based on where and how you plan to use them is a guaranty to an ultimate comfort. A chair for watching TV, as an example will be much taller and deeper than your accent chair that you use occasionally.

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Your home should reflect who you are. I am a big believer that a style is always a mixture of what you love and maybe a well-known interior design style like modern farmhouse or transitional.  Working on design with families proved itself to be a balancing act between two sometimes polar styles of the spouses. The key here is to create harmony, so that each style plays an equal role in the mixture.  Your style evolves over time with change of lifestyle or cycle. It does not mean that you need to get rid of all of your sentimental memorabilia to redesign your space to your new style of choice. Curated working-in of authentic pieces into it can only make your space full of character.

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Knowing current trends on the market might help you find things you like and navigate you to the style and look you want to create in your home. As an example, things continue to lean towards blue, which is now considered to be a neutral colour. Curvy furniture is all over the market. And, it makes perfect sense with the open concept floor plans we see today. Furniture placement has moved out from the walls and more and more it is curated to float out in a room. Using unique textures, finishes and materials, such as wicker, rattan or raw materials in interior decor is also very popular.

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Marina Pavlova