Make Your Entryway the Best First Impression

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Make Your Entryway the Best First Impression

8 August 2019

First Impression is a Lasting One

It takes just 26 seconds for a guest to form an opinion of your home when they walk through the front door. What does your space say about you? While we try to resist the urge to judge, there’s no doubt that first impressions count.

Does your home’s entryway feel ignored? It may be a guest’s first impression of your house, but this room doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.


For a truly warm welcome, consider using warm colours in wall paint or accessories. Use natural textures to make the entryway feel more comfortable.

Entryway bench with a mirror country charm entryway

Many entryways can seem small and crowded. Adding a mirror creates depth and adds a bit of practicality – you can check your hair before leaving the house!

entryway with life wood console and a mirror airy entryway with a modern bench ans a large mirror

As for lighting fixtures, a suspended pendant lamp or chandelier should hang no more than seven feet from the floor, or it may not provide enough light.

entryway with built-in bench, wood beams and a globe chandelier

Let’s consider accessories. A small console table or a shelf can make life easier by providing a place for your mail and your car keys. It can also serve as a place to display artwork, a lamp or a vase of fresh flowers.

Be sure to keep your accessories out of the main walking path, and allow room for a rug or shoe mat.

entryway with a ghost console table and woven baskets

I hope my tips were useful to help you create another beautiful space! Contact me if you need help making you entry way functional and leaving you guests with the best first impression you home deserves!

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Marina Pavlova