Finding Your Style – Part II

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Finding Your Style – Part II

10 April 2023

As we continue the discussion about today’s decorating styles to strive to form an opinion of what style is the most suitable to your lifestyle, we will assess country, modern farmhouse, modern minimalist and eclectic styles. While some styles are distinct, there are those that emerge as a blend of products of two or more different styles.

In my opinion, finding your own formula of style is the key to having a nicely decorated home that looks coherent, yet unique, emphasizing what you love and how you live. So, let us continue the review.

Country style

encompasses a number of different variations based on geographical region. For instance, English country style tends to include some formal elements, while French country style reflects a simple, provincial lifestyle. Some of the common elements typical to this look are shiplap, painted wood and exposed beams. Typically, colour schemes include shades such as warm yellow, greens, browns, blues and whites that are found in nature. Reds are more common for the English country interpretations. Country is a style that welcomes vintage finds, family heirlooms and rustic furniture. The overall aesthetic is warm, cozy with an earthy feel to it.

Modern Farmhouse

is a blend of contemporary and country styles. A relaxed modern farmhouse home appeals with the simplicity of lines, neutral colour scheme, warm natural elements, such as wood, rattan, and leather. Some of the landmark features of this style are white walls and statement light fixtures. Another common feature of this look is black, bronze or brass/gold elements and two tone cabinetry. To summarize, modern farmhouses are a contemporary interpretation of a country style.

Modern Minimalist

is inspired by early modernists movements, such as Bauhous originated in Germany 1919-1933, which was an approach to design that attempted to unify individual artistic vision with the principles of mass production and emphasis on function. Correspondingly, modern minimalist or modern style is grounded on the principles of less is more. Built-in storage is used to keep personal belongings out of sight in homes designed in the style. The design of furniture, layouts and architecture carefully balances form and function and pairs synthetic and natural materials in unique surprising ways. Modern spaces feel very clean, spacious and functional with very minimalistic décor, such as a vase with branches as an example.


Eclectic Style

combines elements from at least two or more distinct styles in unexpected ways. An well done eclectic home features personal elements and provides a deep expression of a homeowners’ personal taste. With only a few distinct rules, this style still follows the basic design principles of colour, scale and proportion. A Chesterfield sofa can happily coexist with a modern loveseat and baroque picture frames are playfully paired with modern floater frames in the same gallery wall. It is a fun and energetic feel that connects all eclectic interiors.

As demonstrated above, the choices of the decorating esthetics are endless and each home is uniquely tailored to represent homeowners’ personal taste and lifestyle. When in doubt, a full service interior decorator can help you achieve your dream home through the overwhelm of choices and the hassle of implementation.

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