Classic Beauty in a Contemporary Context

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Classic Beauty in a Contemporary Context

1 December 2023

Stepping over the sleek, modern threshold of their newly acquired house, Jennifer and George found themselves in a world of clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. While the house exuded a trendy vibe, the couple missed the warmth and comfort of classic design. It was at this crossroad that their journey began — a quest to transform their ultramodern house into a home of quiet, gentle, and traditional sophistication. The first step was to enlist the expertise of a decorator to help them define and then execute their goals.

The color palette for this home drew inspiration from a series of meadow paintings, capturing the serene hues of green, yellow, rust, and blue tones.

We aimed to craft a cozy space accommodating 6-8 individuals. George, who enjoyed watching TV, specifically desired a seat directly facing the screen. Consequently, we positioned a wingback chair with a tall backrest, upholstered in a luxurious, warm gray fabric, right in front of the fireplace.


In the dining area, our objective was to incorporate a versatile table that can expand to comfortably accommodate up to 8 people when needed, while maintaining a compact footprint for everyday use, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the space. An elegant wooden china buffet has been revitalized, now adorned in a soft blue-gray hue that perfectly complements the overall color palette.


This home was thoughtfully designed to be child-friendly for the arrival of young grandchildren. Faux leathers and performance fabrics were selected, and sharp corners were deliberately avoided, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for the little ones.



We enhanced the home by adding custom window treatments to the tall windows. This helped tone down the sharp contemporary features and drew attention to the impressive ceiling height in a more relaxed manner.

In conclusion, the thoughtful design choices in this home reflect not only a commitment to a timeless style but also a dedication to creating a welcoming and functional space. Every detail contributes to a harmonious blend of comfort and aesthetics. As the rooms come to life with revitalized furniture and carefully chosen elements, this home stands as a testament to the transformative power of design, where beauty meets practicality, and every corner tells a story of thoughtful curation.


Here is what Jennifer shared about her experience:
Marina helped us turn our ‘house’ into our home, advising us on how to decorate and furnish the entire open area on the first floor of our house. She took the time up front to ask us a lot of questions so she knew our likes/dislikes/wishes. She thought through even the smallest details — lightbulbs! Curtain ties! Her presentation was thoughtful, organized, thorough, and she was open to revisions and revisiting patterns and materials.

Marina answered all our questions and was available with any questions and concerns we had along the way. I have the upmost admiration for her professional skills and I really enjoyed working with her as a person. I highly recommend her to anyone for any interior design project. I expect to ask her help for a couple of rooms we have left to do in the near future.