Embracing a Great Home Office

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Embracing a Great Home Office

1 September 2023

Stationaries are purchased, new indoor shoes are checked off, backpacks, lunch boxes and clothing are all ready. As parents we think of every little detail to help the kids be ready for and happy at school.  We want to help them excel academically. New academic year is quickly approaching. As we send the kids to school we might have time to think about our home offices, productivity and happiness at work, especially if working remotely.

When it comes to home office design every space is different depending on the home owners needs and their aesthetic preferences. To help you get your thoughts going let’s think about the following aspects to ensure that a redesigned home office exceeds your expectations.

Think function

A space for an occasional desk time will look completely different from a daily nine to five work place with video meetings, paper files and books.
The beautiful space shown on the photo below is stunning as it is a very nicely designed occasional desk-time-office that wows you as you enter. Above all, it feels very fresh, spacious and contemporary offering seating for an occasional guest. An impressive accent wall can double as a fabulous background for video calls.

Make the best of the existing room layout

I like starting with the location of the desk. The orientation of it will dictate placement of everything else. When your home office is a place where you meet with your clients, colleagues or business partners, it might certainly serve as your business card.
That said, aside from the impressive looks, the beautiful moody home office below offers two work surfaces. One with the monitors for computer work is placed parallel to a nice minimalist desk. You can turn gracefully sitting in an office chair and be facing people in front of you.

How would you like your office to feel

This might sound strange, but knowing how you would like your office to feel will give valuable cues on what colour and materials to use. It will guide you in placement of furniture and style of elements in the space being designed.
This elegant transitional office below exuberates warmth. Soft curves in the legs of the caramel wood desk are repeated in cabinet pulls and the oiled bronze hand forged table lamp base promotes impression of comfort and softness.

Maximize lighting

There is never enough lighting, I find. My approach to lighting is layering it to give you more flexibility to allow creating different moods on a push of a button.
A crisp contemporary office below uses three layers of lighting. Pot lights provide general illumination, whereas an overhead chandelier is more a decorative element. Task lighting on top of the towers of cabinets highlight decorative elements on the shelves.

Personalize the space

Every project is like a fingerprint of a person or a family. It represents what they like and promotes their values and lifestyle.
So, if you like violet or teal and these are your happy colours, incorporate them into your office space. This will put a smile on your face every day.

Ask for help if you are struggling on your own

We often know what we like. However, if you feel you are not sure how to maximize your office space and need professional help, book a call with me.
I can help you make the most of your home office, a space that will inspire you.