Brighten Your Summer Days

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Brighten Your Summer Days

3 June 2020

The summer is officially here and we all can enjoy a well deserved ice cream and fruit salad season.

Breakfast coffee in the backyard while children are still in bed, long lunch break walks, BBQ and many activities outside are some of the things that come to mind when I think of summer.  Catching velvety rays of sunlight during the warmer months is joyful and we naturally spend more time outside.

While being outside a lot, a home always stays a sanctuary we tend to seek comfort in. I would like to share some of my favourite decorating ideas to inspire you to create a cheerful and happy environment at home!

The main idea behind all of them is bringing the outdoors in, so that a home feels as inviting as your luring summer patio.


  1. Brighten up your entrance door with a summer wreath

    The first thing welcoming your guests is your entrance door which sets the tone for the feel of your home. A summer wreath in a popular summer colour such as blue, pink, green or yellow will be the first sneak peek at the colour palette of your home.


  2. Use your lemons

    And this is the easiest way of decorating! Use your lemons or any other fresh fruit arranged in a glass platter or a vase and place them on your counter or a console table for another burst of colour. Lemons are my go-to fruits because yellow makes us feel happy and cheerful. Isn’t it what we all need right now?


  3. Use floral arrangements

    Floral arrangements beautify a home instantly. Whether you use freshly cut flowers or an artificial floral centerpiece, keep your summer colour palette cohesive. Your dining room table will look as festive and fresh as never before.


  4. Add colour with throw cushions

    Switch up your winter throw cushions and blankets to a summer theme. A red and black plaid pillow might be the perfect accessory for Christmas festivities, but a fresh olive green or cotton white pillow case will be a simple way to transform your family room for summer.


  5. Change artwork if it is seasonal

    Consider changing some of your seasonal artwork to something more appropriate for sunny days. For an easy switch, keep the sizes of your artwork pieces the same so there is no need to make new holes in walls.

  6. Get bright bedding

    Bedrooms need a touch of summer too! Change your bedding and/or linens for an approachable and sophisticated aesthetic. Different colours and colour combinations trigger different emotions in us. It is worth looking up the emotional triggers of colours and using this knowledge to your advantage so that you can create any mood in your home you like.

    Do you have other creative ways of sprucing up your home for summer? Share them in the comments below! Two heads are always better than one.